Here we go…

I quickly realized how truely inept I was in the kitchen during my first semester of college.   Ramen noodles and easy mac do not a meal make.  A very good and dear friend took pity on me and did her duty to teach me the basics of the kitchen.  In fact, hurricane Katrina took my only proof of effort when she drowned the t-shirt made for me which displayed, “domesticated” along the front of it.

Since I married the man of my dreams late last year I have had an undying need to make an effort to grow in my culinary skill.  For Christmas this past year I even asked for a KitchenAid standing mixer.  Who woulda imagined that??

In an attempt to document my progress and adventures in the kitchen I have decided to record it all here.  Feel free to keep up with me as I attempt to cook food worth eating.  Here we go…


the hungry wife

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9 comments on “Here we go…

  1. Kaitlin says:

    Are you saying I took pity on you? Haha I love this so much. It makes me very happy to see you conquer your fear of the kitchen and discover how much fun cooking can be. I can’t wait until we can get together and make a smorgasbord.

  2. marissa says:

    I love this blog. How did I not discover this before?? Next time Im in New Orleans Im coming over for dinner! love you

  3. Noemi says:

    If you want some good Cuban recipes, let me know. Also I make a mean chicken alfredo (quick and easy like most of my recipes nowadays).

  4. Mom says:

    poblano soup would be good for a day like today!

  5. Mom says:

    You are a brillant cook…I just love watching you in the kitchen. what ever you cook I will gladly be your “tester”…and if what you bake has sugar…you Papa Bear will step up to the PLATE! whats on the menu for today?

  6. Annie says:

    Mel! I am so excited, this is a great idea! Love you!

  7. auds says:

    This is so exciting! I’m def sending you some of my fav and not too difficult recipes to start thickening up your man! haha xoxo Good Luck!

  8. Lonna says:

    Please note that your long time friend is supporting you in your effort…at least in moral support. I love cooking so I hope your learning leads to loving 🙂

  9. Regina says:


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