Furball of the week!! : Gatsby

The feature furball of the week is…drumroll please!


This sweet southern stud hails from NOLA and is the only baby of Katherine. 

Age: 4 years

Favorite Playtime Activity:  Tug-O-War

His owner can not get enough of: his (sometimes forceful) cuddling obsessions and when his floppy ears go sidways.

Are you seriously in love with your pet?  Are they just as much a part of your family as your grandma Sue who makes that awesome ambrosia mold every year for christmas?  Then send me your photo and share the cuteness with the world.  Email your image and answers to the three above questions to melodyb08@gmail.com

Go for a walk.  The weather in New Orleans is beautiful today.  Maybe we’ll run into one another.  I’ll be the one with the two furballs, a stud for a husband, and king cake frosting on her face.  I’m hungry and proud.  Happy Friday Ya’ll!


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