How do you like it? Pizza I mean.

I will NEVER be convinced that there is anything better tasting than hot and fresh pepperoni pizza.  When I die, please bury me with a large pepperoni pizza.  I’d prefer it be from either SLICE pizzeria, Rocky’s, Mark Twains, or R & Os.  It would give me the greatest joy to decay next to a New York style slice of pie.  Ok, this is getting morbid.  Anywho…let me tell ya how I finished making that pizza we started the other day.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  I forgot to include this in the previous picture…my bad.  What? Like you always remember everything? Pshh.

Moving along.  Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.  Take your dough out of the refrigerator. (Leave the cool whip tub alone! You don’t want to spoil your dinner right?)  It should have rose some overnight.  Cut the dough in half.  The batch we made is enough for TWO pizzas.  One for dinner and one for a midnight snack.  I mean, one for lunch the next day. Yes. That’s what I meant.

Take the half portion and stretch it out with your hands.  Place the dough on a flat cookie sheet, or whatever you have.  Using your hands, push the dough out so it covers most of your tray.  I am not willing to sacrifice time trying to make it look pretty.  Girl’s gotta eat.

Next pour on a little olive oil and rub it over the entire surface area.  Sprinkle with salt.  Then pour about whole or half a cup of pasta sauce over the pizza and spread evenly.

Next, pour on the good stuff! Queso.  Cheese.  Mmm.  You can use mozzerella, parmesean, colby jack, or whatever you’re into.  I used an Italian blend because that is what Stuffed Husband picked up at the store.  He’s just sweet like that.  And probably hungry I suppose.  The only rule here is that you must use A LOT.  Like a whole bag a lot.  Cover the pie so you can’t see much of the sauce underneath.  You will thank  me for this later. I promise.

Follow this up by adding whatever toppings make your mouth happy.   Pepperoni is the only topping for me.  Stuffed husband on the other hand…he likes…other stuff.  So I prepare half the pie his way and half the pie my way.  The right way.  The only right way.  Deal with it.   Pepperoni + Cheese = Tastebud’s Delight.

 ehh. no. no thank you.

yessss! now we’re cookin!  Thank you Jesus for this pepperoni, amen.  Because you know this came straight from heaven.  Sorry my Veggie friends.

Now pop this bad boy into the oven for 12 minutes.  You can go a little longer if you are looking for an extra crispy crust.  Just keep an eye on it.  At 425 F you can burn a pie like reaaal fast.  Not that I’ve EVER done anything like that. Who me?  Nope.  Never.  Don’t look at me like that.

I tried to snap a photo of the pizza straight out the oven but the hungry animals in my home jumped in before me.  And by hungry animals I obviously mean my husband.  Anyway… here’s our pizza!

Here’s a fancy pie I made a while back with carmelized onions, fresh roma tomatoes, mozerrella, mushrooms, and basil.  Not my favorite toppings but it tasted good.  Stuffed husband ate until his belly ached.  I think he does it just to get a belly rub.  Must have learned that from the pups.  Don’t owners start to look like their pets? hmmm.

Now go get started. I wanna hear all about your experience in the comment section.  Everyone’s responses to the blog has really inspired me to keep exploring my cookbooks.  I am so greatful for your interest.  Stuffed husband is too.  Means he gets new meals all the time.  And we know that man can eat.

P.S. check back tomorrow to find out who the pet of the week is.  it’s definitely not my brat.  having pooped and peed in my car earlier this week.  how does a two pound dog pee this much???

Peace, LOVE, and pizzapie-

The Hungry Wife

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