Furball of the week!

Another week has come and gone and my laundry pile remains untouched.  I need a maid.  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?  To mark another work week down let’s celebrate this week’s sweet animal!

Furball of the week is…MILO, the cat-dog!

Milo is the only baby of Ly-to-the-dia, aka Lydia.  Milo is the cat who performs commands just like a dog.  He’s a wonder this one.

1. What is your pet’s age:  Milo is 2 and a half

2. Give me one reason you can not get enough of him or her:  He’s my little puppy cat – he comes when called, and will sit, jump, or spin on command.

 3. What is your pet’s favorite playtime activity?Milo loves three things equally the most:  1. “Bed mice” where he pretends my toes are mice hiding under the sheets. This one usually takes place around 4am.  2. Escape. This game is played while I’m trying to leave the house – generally in a rush, and he enjoys running out of the door before I can stop him.  3. Eating. He’s a little fatty and can be lured away from anything with food.

I need to meet this critter!  Sounds like a real treat.  Happy Friday everyone!  Do something just for yourself today.  I plan on getting my favorite fast food (no I’m not telling  you which fast food place I’m referring to because it’s embarrasing enough that I’m craving fast food. ugh).  Then I’ll be glued to my couch until I have to force myself to start studying for 3 midterms I plan on dominating next week.  Wish me luck!  It’s likely I’ll procrastinate by stacking raisenettes or finding something else in my cookbook that I just, “have to try right nowwww”. 

Peace, love, and procrastination–

the hungry wife

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