Kitchen Giveaway!!

I love my crate and barrel mat because it makes my life in the kitchen much less stressful. Not that it’s very stressful in there.  Typically I’m eating, singing, and twirling when in the kitchen.  I am what I am.  In any case, I promise you will fall in love with this mat the minute you get your hands on it.

I use mine to:

  • Roll out doughs
  • Roll out tortillas
  • Roll out and cut out cookies
  • Do all my prep work when a lot of ingredients are involved
  • To bake with
  • To set dough to rise on

I could go on and on. The uses are endless.  The best part??  It is 100% OVEN and DISHWASHER SAFE.  Amen, hallelujah!  To win this sweet kitchen tool just answer the question, “what are you doing with your weekend?” in the comments section of this post.  Just enter once and I will announce a winner monday.  The winner will be contacted via email to claim their prize.

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6 comments on “Kitchen Giveaway!!

  1. Jackie Sullivan says:

    This weekend I am planning to go to Kansas City and visit my mom. I will fix dinner and the two of us can have special time together. I just love those moments. Then on Saturday night I will be be attending Desperation Church in Liberty, MO and will be singing. Which one of my favorite things to do. Then head back home Sunday morning to my 3 wonderful grandkids and we plan to make cookies and we will have a BBQ.

    Keep the blogging going Mel and I miss you.

  2. Mom says:

    Well…this weekend I plan on chilling…this week before the weekend is absolutely packed with work…from my work as a counselor, teacher and minister….I love serving the Lord and would accept His call to ministry if I had to do it again today.
    I will not be at the parades, but will be getting ready for Sunday services… and prehaps make a pot of my chicken gumbo:)…Mardi Gras will be on my TV on Tuesday!

  3. Kim Vaught says:

    I went to my favorite church Metro Fellowship Christian and homework, homework, homework. Not 15 hours, just 14 1/2 hours. lol

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  5. Monica says:

    Absolutely nothing….well, nothing fun anyways. What I want to be doing??? Going to Vegas with my Grandma!!! And you of course!

  6. Kaitlin says:

    Well in a perfect world I would be heading to Nola because next week is my spring break. However, the reality of law school will not permit that. So for my weekend I plan on working in my garden. I’ve planted an herb garden which has grown like crazy (that may have something to do with Miami’s 80 degree February). I have basil, cilantro, parsley, and mint growing currently. I want to plant more things, but Parker tends to eat anything that smells too good. Ask my poor pineapple plant. I’m hoping that by next week or so the basil will be ready because I want to make some bruschetta. And perhaps use some cilantro to make salsa (I know you just said yummm). So yeah that’s the excitement of my weekend. And of course chasing Parker around.

    I love you so much and miss you like crazy. Keep on blogging. I love it! xoxo

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