Time is almost up!!

Find out tomorrow morning who won the Crate & Barrel baking mat!

Still want to enter??  CLICK HERE  It’s simple and free.  And I promise you will thank your lucky stars everytime you don’t have to clean your counter off from all the flour mess.  Cleaning up after me is stuffed husbands favorite pasttime.  Ain’t I a sweet wife?  Letting him pick up my flour mess?  Hey! He gets to eat the food too.  It’s a win-win…right?

Also, over the weekend I spent most of my time (more than I’d like to admit-we’re talking well over 15 hours) studying for three mid-terms I have to survive this week.  HOWEVER! I did manage to make time to whip up some fresh english muffins.  It was easy, simple, fun, and I already had all the ingredients at home.  The less grocery shopping in my life, the better.  Too bad Louisiana doesn’t have any H-E-Bs, right my Texas friends?

I promise to post the recipes for english muffins

and super tasty and super easy cheesy pasta.

 In the meantime, here’s a pic of Isabella right after her haircut this weekend.

I love that little nugget of love.  She is the perfect nap-time companion.  She’s just like her momma.  Perfect.

Peace, love, and praying I’ll pass mid-terms-

the hungry (and sleep-deprived) wife


2 comments on “Time is almost up!!

  1. So glad you stopped by Ms. Kay! I look forward to trying the tasty oven fries you really posted. They looks delightful!

  2. I have never made English Muffin before! Can’t wait to try! Thank you for connecting with me via Tasty Kitchen, Melody! Look forward to getting to know you better!

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