Winner winner chicken dinner! & Easy Cheesy Pasta

Congrats to Monica who won this blog’s first ever giveaway, a super neat crate and barrel baking mat!

In other news, I failed to take pictures of the steps in my english muffin experience in the kitchen.  It was a holy experience.  A holy-crap-this-dough-is-tough experience.  In any case, I plan on making another batch soon and WILL remember to take pictures this time.  They will likely be dimly lit, poor quality, straight-off-my-phone pictures but hey, there WILL be pictures and that’s what counts.

So instead I was thinking about sharing an awesome cheese and pasta recipe.  I’ve noticed that the majority of the recipes I am attracted to involve two main staples, cheese and a carbohydrate.  Which, as I’ve said before, makes perfect sense when you understand that pizza is my best friend. I mean my all time favorite food.  Food not friend.  Oye vey.

 I have a crush on him. I’m married to him so it’s ok.  I’m pretty sure he has a crush on me too.  And it’s not just cause I feed him everyday. I think.

For this super stellar recipe you will need

1 pound of angel hair pasta (I used thin spaghetti because I’m a rebel and I accidentally bought the wrong thing.)

2 tablespooons of butter softened

1 cup of heavy cream  (don’t be a wimp and go whole milk on me…i promise, the heavy cream will make you happy.  it makes me happy. kind of like cheese makes me happy.  see a theme here?)

1/2 cup of each of any four cheeses you like (2 cups total) (I used parmesean, romano, provelone blend, and goat cheese)

2 whole garlic cloves peeled



Fresh Parsley

3 tablespoons olive oil (forgot this in my picture…oops. i’m only human)

Start by cooking pasta only two thirds of the way.  You want it to remain al dente as it will continue cooking when you add the cheese later.

While this cooks, also heat the heavy cream on the stove at low heat.

 Also, place the peeled garlic in your olive oil while everything cooks.  This oil will help the pasta remain fluid.

Once cooked, strain your pasta but reserve one cup of pasta water for the mixing process.

Return the pasta to the pot and add cream, butter, oil, and the CHEESE.  Mmm. I’m already hungry again. Doh.  Mix ingredients well.

If you find it thick and difficult, pour in your reserved pasta water a little at a time until you reach your desired texture. Salt and pepper to taste.  Garnish with fresh parsley and enjoy!



This dish is great by itself if you are a pasta-holic like me.  Or use it as a side with some juicy grilled chicken or steak.  Just be sure to add a vegetable to your plate…Lord knows you’ll need the fiber.

peace, love, and lots of cheese,

the hungry wife

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