FURBALLLLL of the week

We made it! Another week has come and gone.  The good news for me is that Mardi Gras festivities start tonight!!!  Mid-terms are finito and I am ready to let my hair down, tie up my favorite dirty sneakers, and head out to stake my claim on the parade route.  This will be the year I catch a coconut.  Ya dig?

Now to the good stuff.  This week’s FURBALL of the week is none other than …

PARKER the super pup!

Parker--the creole canine

Parker is the pup of one Ms. Kaitlin, also commonly referred to by her friends as Floorlander, aka Martha. 

1. age: 3 yrs young
2. can’t get enough of: He he the worlds largest lap dog. He loves snuggling on my lap, wearing his Saints jersey of course
3. favorite playtime activity: Ball…..did you say ball? Where’s my ball? Let’s play ball! Ahhhhh throw it already!!!!!!!!

There ya have it.  I will be posting a scrumptious cookie recipe later today so get hungry.  Happy Mardi Gras ya’ll.

Peace, love, and Parkerbear!

the hungry wife

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