i miss my blog

School and tax season have once again taken over my life. I love being busy but I also can’t wait to have time to cook and share my labor of love with you, the people who find mild amusement in my attempts at making food worth eating. It’s a unique relationship but it works for us.

This week I decided I needed to try something fresh, fun, and different. i.e. NO chicken or pizza. Hence…drum roll please…

ASIAN NOODLE SALAD with fresh TUNA steaks! Trust me, this was worth the work. Just ask my sweet stuffed husband.

I’ll tell u how u can whip up this wiggle-your-toes-kinda good dish soon. Get hungry!

Peace, Love, and priceless pictures~
The HUNGRY wife

My Happy Stuffed Husband

2 comments on “i miss my blog

  1. Very funny. I bet he didn’t give you a chance to snap a picture of the food.

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