Crawfish and Company

Last night Stuffed Husband and I hosted a few friends.  We ate lotsa crawfish, some homemade pizza, and (of course by my pop’s request) pig cake.  I am beginning to feel that pig cake is essential to any good time.  I’m making another pig cake for Stuffed Husband’s Mother tonight.  Her birthday is Monday!  Happy Birthday Queen Jean!  Just don’t ask her age.  Unless you want a black eye.

My mom and dad along with a few friends who recently graduated from Loyola (my alma mater) joined us to celebrate with some scrumptious seafood!

My momma found a few real gems in that 40 pound batch!

We had plenty of tails left over.  I’m dreaming up some recipes to use these bad boys up with!

Thanks for peeling those tails Stuffed Husband!  I couldn’t bring myself to mangle my nail polish.  I’m a delicate flower.

We even had an assembly line going for a while.  I’m good at giving direction.

Chloe helped out by chewing up a crawdad into 8 million tiny pieces for mommy to pick up.  Her next poop should be real interesting, folks.

Peace, love, and peelin’ tails ~

The Hungry Wife


One comment on “Crawfish and Company

  1. A crawdad boil! That looks so fun.

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