Stuffed Husband’s Profile

I take a lot of pictures.  Having a phone without a camera is not even an option for me.  Do they even still make phones without cameras?  Blasphemy.  Having my phone camera with me all the time means that I can take pictures of that man I love at any time the moment strikes.

The moment strikes me a lot.

He will die or kill me when he sees these have made the world wide web.

A Serious Talk with the Bug.

He has a rather handsome profile.

And I seem to catch him in the driver’s seat a lot.  This is so that I can snap pictures and take naps while he navigates the traffic.  I have a rough life.

He is a great road trip buddy.

He also knows that my road rage has a tendency to flair on long trips and so sacrifices himself for my own peace of mind.

Who? Me?

Watch the road, dude!  Best of all, he is the ultimate daddy to our pups.

Daddy and Chloe-girl.

I can’t imagine my life without this little camera on my phone.  I might have just missed a few of these beautiful, sometimes scary-lookin’, moments.

Life is grand…snap a few pictures and see what’s good in your life.

Peace, love, and pictures worth a thousand words~

The Hungry Wife


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