Lick-itty Split Nachos

Right NOW Nachos

Sometimes my tummy gets an attitude.  It doesn’t care what I’m doing or what I have planned for dinner, it reminds that I am hungry NOW.  On days when the hunger monster in me rises up, I try to make food that will take me less than ten minutes from prep to done because waiting really isn’t an option.  OM nom nom.

Last night my hunger monster visited.  So did stuffed husband’s.  They’re a pair, those two piggies.  Made for each other I’d say.  In any case, I decided to make NACHOS!  I threw this recipe together about a month ago and found it was HEAVEN both in terms of taste and ease.  Here’s what you’ll need…

  • 1 bag corn tortilla chips
  • 1 can refried beans
  • 1 can diced tomatos
  • 1 can sliced jalapenos
  • 1 can chicken
  • 8 0z. shredded cheese
  • Sour Cream for dipping

Start by setting your oven to broil.  Follow by grabbing a baking sheet.  Line it with aluminum foil.  This makes clean up easier on that guy you married.

Next, place a layer of corn tortillas onto your baking sheet.  Be generous and try not to leave too many empty spaces.  Eating chips while you do this will both increase the quality of your cooking and the size of your waist.

Now add a layer of refried beans evenly across the plane.  Be sure to get each chip so that every bite has all the yummy flavors in the mix.

Follow by adding your drained dice tomatoes over the plane.

Break up the chicken and distribute evenly.  Don’t be afraid of canned chicken.  I used to be a frightened little weenie as well.  It’s so easy to use, very cheap, and when it is mixed in with other ingredients you can hardly even tell the difference between fresh and canned.  TRY IT!

The smell will already have you weak in the knees.  Plus you’re only minutes away from nachos now!  Sprinkle a generous coating of shredded cheese over every inch of this Pollock-like piece of art!

Now pop this bit of heaven on earth into the oven, set to broil, for about 5 minutes.  Keep an eye on it to prevent scorching.  No one likes a burnt nacho.

DISCLAIMER:  Please ignore my seriously dirty oven.  It’s on my list of things I need to do but never get around to because I’m a major procrastinator and would rather eat nachos while playing scrabble with stuffed husband.  See, I feel better already.  Thanks for listening.

After five minutes, you get nacho-heaven.  Throw on a few jalapenos for good measure.

Give thanks. Stuff your mouth.

Stuffed husband likes to add sour cream to his nachos.

I try not to laugh when I catch him like this… (TRY being the key word)

He even tried to share with Chloegirl (my lil piggie)

Bellabug was too tired from studying to care.

The next time you need a quick, fun, and SUPER yummy recipe, try making Lick-itty Split Nachos.  You won’t be sorry!  And your hunger monster won’t complain either.

Find the printable recipe here!

Peace, love, and lick-itty split nachos~

The Hungry Wife


3 comments on “Lick-itty Split Nachos

  1. rsmacaalay says:

    Wow, I wanna have a bowl of that nacho goodness

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