You like me! You really like me!!

There are so many exciting things going on in my life right now and I haven’t made enough time to share them with you!  Sometimes chocolate sheet cake distracts me from other duties, like laundry, cooking, and homework.  Oops.

Earlier this week I told you about the awesome scholarship I was awarded in order to be able to attend the International Food Bloggers Conference here in NOLA!!  I spent hours pouring over any literature I could find about who will be speaking, what topics will be covered, and most importantly WHAT WE WILL BE EATING!!!  Naturally food was always on the forefront of my mind.

Upon perusing the internet I found that I was mentioned in an article on line here!!!  Can you believe it??  Finally, validation.  The numbers of hits on my little baby blog have been bigger this week than ever before.  I’ve gotta say, geez it feels good.

Check out the article at the Nola Defender.  It’s a small shout out but I’ll take it.  I won’t keep you long as I am in desperate need of a shower, seriously, just ask my husband.  Also, I’ve got to get ready for the IFBC which starts in just a few hours from now.  Wish me luck!!

peace, love, and pins-and-needles-

The Hungry Wife


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