My brain is a sponge…

Last night I experienced a food bloggers conference for the first time.  It rocked my socks.  Brilliant presentations.  Delicious food.  Wine flowed like a river.  I was in heaven.  And it’s only just begun!

I was considerably nervous on my way over to the conference.  Stuffed husband calmed me down by buying me a new blouse so I could feel pretty (of course I had nothing to wear) and even flashed one of his famous smiles at me.  Swoon.

He was sweet enough to drop me off before heading out to play a little golf.  The food at the conference was both beautiful and delightful. 

The wine pairing was exquisite and plentiful.

It was so nice to not be the only person taking pictures of their food…I finally belong!

I was even able to take a picture with Andrew Scrivani…a leader in the field of food photography.  He’s been published in the New York Times and a number of other brilliant publications.  I look forward to bothering him with photography questions via his blog.

Today I look forward to more wonderful food and filling my brain with more useful resources and tips to build a better blog.  I just hope they have a potty break soon…I’m starting to see yellow.  TMI?  Are you really surprised?

Peace, love, and potty breaks on my mind~

The Hungry Wife


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