I.F.B.C. 2011 blew mah mind. Period.

Most things in life that make me happy involve chocolate, ice cream, chocolate ice cream,  puppy kisses, and/or stuffed husband kisses.  I’ma sucker for a sweet tooth.  This weekend the International Food Bloggers Conference did more than make me happy by fulfilling my insatiable sweet tooth. It down right  BLEW MAH MIND!


Chef John Folse, a New Orleans staple, cooked up some tasty corn soup that was so good I swear I sang out loud after a taking a bite…or nine in a row.  He offerred a brilliant presentation and shared the history of corn in cooking.  Corn, corn, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. With butter, with cream, with salt, even steam… I digress.

It must be said, Louisiana men (chefs included) know where it’s at.  Just ask their wives.  Ya heard?


Saturday’s three course dinner was…well, it was a mouth-watering, toe-tingling, amazing.  I was still full from lunch when I arrived but I honestly could not help myself.  Lump crab meat, truffles, Duck foie gras…aye ya ya.  I can still taste the watercress caviar.  Why did it ever have to end???


1. Ignore the heinously poor quality of my picture of THE Chef John Besh.  It was dark, I am still crossing fingers and toes that I will get a DSLR for my birthday, and … I don’t even need a third reason. Get off my back. 

 2.  Isn’t he precious in his sweet linen suit.  sigh.

Chef John Besh was an absolutely unforgettable speaker.  His passion about food and about the restoration of the city of New Orleans was so alive in that room, so fragrant. It was intoxicating.  With four different restaurants in the great city of cafe ole, beignets, and bourbon, Besh knows how to make a southerner feel good.  I was able to record a one minute video of the king of fresh creole.  As soon as I figure this gosh darn thingie ma bopper out, you too will get to watch the video on a never-ending loop until your husband tells you to turn that thing off.

Thank you to those who continue to encourage me in my blogging endeavours.  I am thrilled, blessed, honored, and, as always, hungry.  The time you take to read my rambling thoughts means more than you can know.

Peace, love, and proper southern gentlemen~

The Hungry Wife


2 comments on “I.F.B.C. 2011 blew mah mind. Period.

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  2. That menu sounds amazing. Sounds like just a wonderful, wonderful time.

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