Cupcake Cones fit for a Princess…or Prince


This past weekend a dear friend’s daughter turned THREE years old!  Princess Kae had a party fit for royalty.  I decided that this birthday party would be the perfect opportunity to try out a recipe idea I came across while browsing Pinterest last week.  These sweet treats are cupcakes baked into ice cream cones and topped off with frosting and sprinkles.  Let me just tell you now, EVERYONE loved them!!  Even the parents of other children at the party were thoroughly impressed.  I earned a pat on the back for this one.  The best part??  Little Miss Kae told me the cupcakes were her favorite.  My heart melted instantly.


This little website shows a basic tutorial for these treats.  As for ingredients for the cupcakes, you could certainly make a batter from scratch if you’re into that sort of thing.  If you are like me and really enjoy boxed cake mix, go for it!  I purchased funfetti cake mix for this batch because it’s fun for the kids and well, because I love funfetti too.  I even bought frosting from the store.  I added sprinkles and a few plastic blingy rings on top of the cones for the girls and dinosaurs for the boys.



Make these for your favorite kiddo, make these for yourself, make these for no reason at all!  They’re delicious and precious.

Peace, love, and princess party cupcake cones~

The Hungry Wife


2 comments on “Cupcake Cones fit for a Princess…or Prince

  1. Wow, These cupcake cones look delicious and amazing. I definitely want to give this a try. Very nice post

  2. They’re such a good idea! I’m pinning it!

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