One year and two months later…

One year and two months ago I had this little blog.  I wrote about the food I loved and shared the who, what, when, where, and how.  My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Laurel, would have been impressed with me for the development of my writing skills.  But I also have the attention span of a gnat.  Do gnats even have attention spans? I’m not clear on how that works.  So, as my attention wandered, so did my consistency with posting here.  Forgive me, I’m imperfect and still hungry.

Anyway, one year and two months later, I think I’m ready to get back at it…but there’s a twist this time.  I lost 26 pounds in 2012.  I wish I could tell you the pounds just fell off of me as I discovered easy ways to substitute my favorite “comfort foods” with healthy alternatives that tasted just as good.  It isn’t so.  I have yet to meet a healthy food that satisfies me like full fat mac and cheese.  Instead, I learned to treat food like fuel.  Indulgences are necessary for me.  It’s a fact, sparingly eating crap food and cheap beer make me a friendly wife.  The trick is to fill the rest of my meals with the good stuff (by good I mean healthy, just to clarify) and to treat indulgences as just that, a rare splurge earned with hard work and good looks.

weight loss 2012

weight loss 2012

After I started eating a slightly less “rich” diet, I found I could still be happy enjoying the fat-packed stuff from time to time without carrying around 26 extra pounds.  Fitting in skinny jeans without a muffin top is a perk I still dance about most mornings.  Additionally, I found that I like fruits and vegetables more than I expected.  Most fruits even come in their own little convenient carrying cases, i.e. bananas, oranges, etc.

fruit and fit

So today begins a new chapter in the life of my little blog.  Recipe sharing will remain key but maybe we can find ways to balance indulgences with the good stuff.  Maybe we’ll look at ways to stay active that will allow us to indulge more often.  It took me roughly four months to figure out that if I ran several times a week, I could enjoy a few beers every weekend without the guilt.  The last year and two months I worked to find the balance of food, fun, and health.  It’s not always pretty but I promise living a balanced life is worth it.  If I haven’t lost you yet, thank God.  If I have lost you, I’ll find the mac and cheese and lure you back.

Peace, love, and balance-

The Hungry Wife


2 comments on “One year and two months later…

  1. jen0331 says:

    Your before and after picture are amazing. Congrats on what you’ve accomplished in the past 14 months.

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