Finally, it’s Furball Friday!

Another week has come and gone.  The laundry pile has grown, the dust has gathered, and my floor needs mopping.  I see an exciting weekend full of dusting, mopping, and folding laundry in my future.  I’m clairvoyant like that.  To help cheer me up I decided to avoid the necessary chores and play on the computer.  Hooray for procrastination!

This week’s sweet featured furball is actually our very first pair of pups!  Meet Chloe and Chocolate

Chloe and Chocolate!

1. Age : They turned one in February.
2. What you can’t get enough of : How they are so sweet and passive and very affectionate with the kids.
3. Favorite playtime activity :They love being chased and being soaked with the water hose.

What a pair of cutie pies!!  These precious puppies are the babies of Nena.  Interesting side note, Nena was my childhood babysitter, dance teacher, and idol growing  up.  I wanted to be just like her.  Actually, I still want to be just like her.  About her furry friends Nena says:

“Labs are naturally active so they are never bored. They love to chew on everything such as grass, furniture, shoes and anything left unattended. We used to have a beautiful garden many moons ago, a picnic table and an inflatable pool with a bouncer.”

There is always a price to pay when you have puppies.  I’ve paid with hours of my life spent washing peed-on blankets, towel, t-shirts, puppy beds, and more.  I’ve mopped more in the last two months than probably my ENTIRE life.  But I grew up with a maid so that one’s not necessarily fair.   My first go at laundry freshman year of college was…interesting.  Welcome to real life.

On another note, Jen has been named winner of the Kate’s Custom Creations giveaway!!!

Happy Friday everyone!  Try to do something just for yourself this weekend.  Paint your toenails, sing loud in the shower, eat a dozen cookies, watch a stupid 80’s movie just to see Jake Ryan, or cuddle up next to the people and pets you love and take a nice long nap right smack in the middle of the day.  You’ve worked hard, you deserve a break.  At least that’s what I’ll be telling myself tomorrow after I polish off a handful of Thin Mints while watching 5 consecutive episodes of Roseanne curled up on my couch with my puppies and never getting out of my robe.   That is the beauty of Saturday.

This is the beauty that is Jake Ryan. I die.

Here is a perfect example of what your Saturday should look like… This is my bff J-train, aka Jeremiah, aka Ari loving on my babygirl after a nice mid-day nap.

Jeremy and Bella-bug


 Peace, love, and puppydogs ya’ll-


The Hungry Wife



Some things in life are meant to be blogged about.  Breakfast is one of those things. Stuffed Husband and I live for breakfast.  We’re those people who wake up, rub the sleepies out of their eyes, wipe the drool off their face, turn to each other and ask, “what sounds good for breakfast?”  I don’t just like breakfast, I NEED breakfast.  Catch me without my morning bite and I promise you’ll be sorry…and in the line of fire.  Not a good thing.

Last Sunday I had a little extra time before heading out the door so I decided to surprise Stuffed Husband with a sweet treat, French toast!  What can make a man, and his hungry wife, happier than the super-combo of SUGAR and CARBS for breakfast?  I know it’s not healthy, but I’ll diet when I’m dead.  Or I’ll be dead because I don’t diet. Who knows.  Hey, I am training for my first marathon next month. Get off my back, geeez!

Breakfast of Champions

Here’s what you’re going to need to make this scrumptious bit of breakfast heaven:

French Toast Ingredients

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp of vanilla
  • 1/4 cup of milk
  • 5 pieces of bread, (I used whole wheat because I’m just health conscious like that…right.)
  • confectioners/powdered sugar for topping
  • syrup
  • butter to grease your pan

Start by cracking your eggs into a bowl

Follow with the milk and vanilla

Now…Stir it up until ingredients are combined.  Meanwhile, heat up a skillet and melt a teaspoon or so of butter in it.  You could use something lighter, like PAM, but if you’re eating the carb rich breakfast already, might as well go ALL. THE. WAY.

While your skillet gets hot, drop the bread into the egg wash

Be sure to get both sides…but dont let it sit too long or you’ll end up with soggy toast.  And what a tragedy that would be.

Place the dunked bread into your skillet over medium heat

Sprinkle a little cinnamon on either side while it’s cooking.  Gives it a nice color and taste.  While your toast cooks, you could get a few pieces of bacon going and maybe even eggs.  We have to balance out the carbs with protein…right? Notice I never mention fat.  Because who needs to talk about fat when we can just eat it.  Sorry to my health-conscious friends.  I’ll work on it.

Allow your toast to cook on either side until golden brown.  Make sure you keep a close eye on it and don’t get distracted by your ridiculously cute pups


or your ridiculously cute husband

Stuffed Husband and Chloe The Terror

Here is what your toast should look like

Sprinkle with powdered sugar and love…add bacon, eggs, and fruit to your plate.  Try to eat just one piece of this stuff.  Mission: Impossible. 

Breakfast of Champions

Now that you’ve seen that even I can make this fine French cuisine, go make some for yourself!  Make it for Saturday brunch or even for dinner! Gasp…breakfast for dinner?!  Yep, breakfast for dinner is one of those things that proves God loves us.  Breakfast…and beer.

If you haven’t entered for the chance to win a custom made apron, check out the post before this one!  You won’t be sorry you did.  And I won’t have to beat you.  So it’s a win-win really.  The winner will be announced tomorrow morning along with the Furball of the day!!  To top it all off…it will also be FRIDAYYY.  Be sure to check back tomorrow, you won’t want to miss out!

Peace, love, and powdered sugar~

The Hungry Wife

Look good. Cook good.

It’s basic knowledge that being in the kitchen should make you feel good. But why not look good and feel good while you cook for those other mouths you love?!? My other-mother (aka my bff’s mom) makes some really great aprons.  Not only do they give you somewhere to rub your dirty paws…you can also custom order them to match your favorite colors!!

My bff Floorlander had one made for me as an engagement gift.  Most used and loved gift ever!  As one who has friends getting engaged literally every weekend, this is the perfect gift for the soon to be newlywed!!  Look at what mine has done for me.  I went from zero to hero in the kitchen.  Alright STOP, collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new invention. lol. I can’t let a good thing go.

Check out her facebook page!  You can order your own apron from Ms. Kate aka Momma-Floorlander, she has men and women designs, and have it custom-made.  Get one for you, one for your mom, and one for you sister.  Get one for your sweet hubby for his summer grilling duties which are just around the corner.

 The best part of this whole blog??!!  I’m giving ONE apron away free!  Did you hear that? FREE.  To enter for a chance to win just comment by clicking below on LEAVE A COMMENT button on this post with your favorite breakfast food!   Mmmmm.  Waffles, french toast, omelet, pancakes, muffins, biscuits, fried eggs, bacon, oatmeal, cheese grits, sausage, yogurt, cereal, fresh fruit…I want to taste it ALL!

Kate's Custom Creations Apron

Kate's Custom Creations Apron


 Peace, love, n proper cooking attire–

the HUNGRY wife