Crawfish and Company

Last night Stuffed Husband and I hosted a few friends.  We ate lotsa crawfish, some homemade pizza, and (of course by my pop’s request) pig cake.  I am beginning to feel that pig cake is essential to any good time.  I’m making another pig cake for Stuffed Husband’s Mother tonight.  Her birthday is Monday!  Happy Birthday Queen Jean!  Just don’t ask her age.  Unless you want a black eye.

My mom and dad along with a few friends who recently graduated from Loyola (my alma mater) joined us to celebrate with some scrumptious seafood!

My momma found a few real gems in that 40 pound batch!

We had plenty of tails left over.  I’m dreaming up some recipes to use these bad boys up with!

Thanks for peeling those tails Stuffed Husband!  I couldn’t bring myself to mangle my nail polish.  I’m a delicate flower.

We even had an assembly line going for a while.  I’m good at giving direction.

Chloe helped out by chewing up a crawdad into 8 million tiny pieces for mommy to pick up.  Her next poop should be real interesting, folks.

Peace, love, and peelin’ tails ~

The Hungry Wife


Lips-on-fire Potato Salad

I have no good excuse for not blogging enough lately.  I do have bad excuses:

1. I like to sit around eating weight-watcher popsicles while watching random 80’s films.  (16 Candles anyone?)

2. My laundry room is a disaster and I think if I hide in my bathroom it might disappear.

3. There are two little and one big animal/husband who regularly need food, love, attention, and potty breaks.

Alas, I neglected my passion for this blog so I could prepare dinner, wash and fold clothes, sweep and mop, create Powerpoint presentations, complete take-home exams, study for in-class exams, wash my car, and eat weight watcher popsicles.  Just not all at once…well not usually.

The good news is I now have enough photos saved to put together at least three recipe posts.  Let’s start with …

Lips-on-fire Potato Salad.


Two weeks ago my good friend Scoot turned the big two-seven.  I guess 27 isn’t that big but it was a great reason to eat some mudbugs.  The batch we shared was one of the all time best I have ever had.  And believe me when I say I have had enough crawfish tail to be a good judge of this.  There is a required balance of heat, flavor, texture, and temperature.  THIS BATCH BLEW MY MIND! 

Scooter's Birthday Boil

 His little girl melts my heart every time!

Kaegan loves cake!

His sweet and beautiful wife, Jennifer, was an awesome host and even let me take home some left over potatoes from the boil.

This was NYE 2010. Good Times.

 These are the potatoes I brought home and decided to make potato salad with.  If you’re not from the dirty south and don’t know nuttin about boils, 1. I’m so sorry for you, 2. We put potatoes, crawfish, lemon, and other random food inside a huge pot with spicy seasonings and boil em up til they taste like heaven.  IMPORTANT NOTE: A cold brew is necessary for full effect.

Spicy Taters


Here is what you will need to make this here salad:

  • 7-10 small red potatoes boiled in seafood seasoning until soft.
  • 3-4 boiled eggs (depends on your preference of egg to potato ratio)
  • 3 tablespoons of mayo
  • 1 heaping tablespoon of Dijon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons of dill relish
  • 1 stalk of celery chopped into small squares
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic finely chopped
  • salt and pepper to taste

Start by getting some eggs into a pot to boil.

Then chop your potatoes into roughly one inch squares.  You can go smaller if you’re not into the chunky feel of potato salad.

Next, chop up some celery.

Then finely chop up a little garlic.

Follow this by mixing your mayo


and relish in a bowl.  You can adjust the salt and pepper seasonings at this point.  Stick your preferably clean finger into the bowl and scoop up some of this flavor filled dressing.  Lick said finger.  Rinse, repeat.

Your eggs should be ready to go at this point.  Peel em up and give em a rough chop.  Try not to eat them all now. (forgot to take a picture of this one.  oops.)

Now, in a larger bowl, toss in your potatoes, celery, eggs, and garlic.

Pour your dressing over the top and give it a serious toss. 

Mix mix mix.  You want flavor on every bite.

Then taste it again to be sure you don’t need any extra salt or pepper.  Remember, the potatoes will already be loaded with spice and flavor from the boil so you shouldn’t need much of anything.

MMMM.  Stuffed husband helped me taste this dish.  He did it three or four times, just to be sure of course.

Serve this up at your next pot-luck or just add some veggies and protein and you’ve got a full meal!

Of course you can just eat it by the spoonful straight from the bowl if you’re not into formality.  Heaven knows this girl isn’t.

Here’s another picture of the boil of the year! What a blast.

Happy Birthday again Scoot!

  Peace, love, and potatoes to die for ~

The Hungry Wife