I like to move it

As I evolve, so does the blog.  Normally I share recipes and I hope they inspired you in the kitchen.  Today I want to share my new passion: working out.  Who is passionate about moving your rear?  Me!  Remember, the more you move, the more you can enjoy life (and sweets or beer or whatever you’re into).

Lately I train at the gym for roughly one hour/ day, 5 days/week.  Some evenings I run.  Some evenings matt and I get in long walks in downtown NOLA.  Some evenings I just need more.  More cowbell!  Ok no, more moving.  Pinterest inspiration led me to this video on you tube of a HIIT workout.  It aims to help you burn a lot of calories by moving quickly and with effort but with very few breaks.  Try it out and let me know what you think.

The idea came to me after the gym’s front door was locked due to a power outage.  The doors function on a key scan lock and the sensor must be reset when the power goes out.  We were forced to be creative and put together moves in the parking lot, boot camp style.  We improvised with what was in the trunk: kettlebell, resistance bands, latter, 2 mats, cones, and one jump rope.  BOOM.  It looked so fun that when I got home I knew I needed to get out some energy.  Good times, man.

Is there a video, a piece of equipment, or home-made work out you love to do?  Share it with me in the comment section below!  PRETTY PLEASE!  I’m always searching for the good stuff and no I don’t mean beer (in this case).

Peace, love, and hiit it hard

~The Hungry Wife


Burning calories to consume them.

There are no secrets to weight loss.  Take in less, burn more, lose weight.  BOOM! Mind blow, I know.  Healthy living is easy to talk about, difficult to commit to all day every day.  So I keep a balance by being physically active so I can enjoy the sweet treats and cool beverages I so enjoy.

Heart Shaped Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies

In 2012 I started running.  And this was the first time I ran without being chased.  My whole life I wanted to be a runner.  In high school I desperately tried to keep up with classmates but asthma, self-consciousness, and a bouncy booty kept me from really embracing the sport.  Let me be clear, I am not a runner in the check-out-my-speed kind of sense.  I am a runner in that three to four days a week I hit the pavement for 3-5 miles at a roughly 10 min/mile pace.  More competitive runners might call me a jogger.  I would call them annoying.

run on treadmill 2012

In any case, with Stuffed Husband’s undying support and patience, I became a runner.  I ran three 5K races and a Turkey day 5 miler in 2012.  It’s safe to say I’m addicted.  I didn’t start off running 3 miles, in fact, I started off walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes at a time.  As I gradually felt more confident, I added five minutes here and there.  Before I knew it I was walking 60 minutes at a brisk pace without a problem at all.  This is when I knew my body was capable of more!  So start somewhere, start small, just START!

Tipitina's 5K 2012

Tipitina’s 5K 2012

Now that I burn 300-600 calories on an average run, I can enjoy beer, gummy bears, and queso from time to time without having to move back into my stretchy jeans.  You know the kind.  They are the ones you wear when you’re “retaining water”.  Exactly.  


Scraping the bowl of queso.

It took a serious amount of reflection to realize that I needed to challenge myself to really see what I was capable of accomplishing.  Let me tell you, we are ALL capable of so much more than we realize!  So, to help aid in motivating others I’m proposing a challenge.  Challenge for February:  Do something physical, big or small, at least twice a week.  It can be roller-skating for 20 minutes, yoga in your living room, or going for a jog on that dusty old laundry rack, ahem, I mean treadmill.  I promise you won’t regret it!  Let me know what activity you’ll be challenging yourself with in the comment section!

Peace, love, and pushing boundaries-

~The Hungry Wife