Look good. Cook good.

It’s basic knowledge that being in the kitchen should make you feel good. But why not look good and feel good while you cook for those other mouths you love?!? My other-mother (aka my bff’s mom) makes some really great aprons.  Not only do they give you somewhere to rub your dirty paws…you can also custom order them to match your favorite colors!!

My bff Floorlander had one made for me as an engagement gift.  Most used and loved gift ever!  As one who has friends getting engaged literally every weekend, this is the perfect gift for the soon to be newlywed!!  Look at what mine has done for me.  I went from zero to hero in the kitchen.  Alright STOP, collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new invention. lol. I can’t let a good thing go.

Check out her facebook page!  You can order your own apron from Ms. Kate aka Momma-Floorlander, she has men and women designs, and have it custom-made.  Get one for you, one for your mom, and one for you sister.  Get one for your sweet hubby for his summer grilling duties which are just around the corner.

 The best part of this whole blog??!!  I’m giving ONE apron away free!  Did you hear that? FREE.  To enter for a chance to win just comment by clicking below on LEAVE A COMMENT button on this post with your favorite breakfast food!   Mmmmm.  Waffles, french toast, omelet, pancakes, muffins, biscuits, fried eggs, bacon, oatmeal, cheese grits, sausage, yogurt, cereal, fresh fruit…I want to taste it ALL!

Kate's Custom Creations Apron

Kate's Custom Creations Apron


 Peace, love, n proper cooking attire–

the HUNGRY wife