My Husband, the Superhero.

I am a very lucky woman.  I found the perfect man. 

Stuffed Husband and the Bug


Not only did I find him, I got to marry him about six months ago. 

Best day of my far.

Married life truly has been blissful.  Sure, we bicker about toilet seats, dish duty, and who gets the last little debbie, but we love each other with every tired bone in our bodies. 

He's easy on the eyes too.

Stuffed Husband does a lot of things well.  He treats me like a gem and makes me feel like a princess.  He takes great care of the pups and I.  He loves me so much he even walks our puppies late, way late, at night for me.   I know he doesn’t always feel like it, but he is wonderful and does it anyway.  He works late hours and still manages to get his schoolworkd done.  He wakes me up every morning with a kiss and a hug because he knows I need it.  I hope he knows how grateful I am for him and all that he does for me and for the girls.

He is willing to get on their level.

 Our girls are pretty crazy about him too.

They can’t get enough of daddy.

I can certainly see why.

Life is short.  Don’t forget to tell those you love just how much they mean to you.

Peace, love, and marriage bliss–

The Hungry Wife