I felt my Mexican pride shine through last week.

I felt my Mexican pride shine through last week.  I am the daughter of a very proud beaner so I’m only part Mexican but I like to embrace that part.  I can call him a beaner because I am Mexican.  So can you if you are Mexican.  If you are anything but Mexican, don’t call him, me, or any other Mexican a beaner.  You’ll get a wedgie…and probably a spanking with a chancla.  Only my beaner friends will get that.  I am not politically correct often.

Last Thursday was Cinco de Mayo.  Coincidentally this is also my favorite Uncle’s birthday!  He turned 40 years young.  Again. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

After I got home from class I decided it fitting to throw together a Mexican feast. I decided to make homemade tortillas and ground turkey tacos.  Now, let me clarify something, ground turkey tacos are not exactly consistent with Mexican cuisine.  If I had any barbacoa, guisado, or good steak fajita I would have gladly had that instead.  Instead I had some slightly healthier ground turkey.

If you’d like to try making the delicious and fluffy homemade tortillas I used for my tacos, check out my first recipe post here.  It’s simple and totally worth every melt in your mouth bite.  Enjoy! and Feliz Cinco de Mayo! (better late than never)

Here’s a picture of stuffed husband’s dinner…I had to stop him at 6 but I’m certain he could have easily finished up at least 8 of these.  But I would have to listen to him moan in pain later.  It’s a catch 22, eat less tacos or suffer in gluttony.

Peace, love, and papas con huevos–

The Hungry Wife