I am a nervous wreck.

Today is Friday.  Typically on a Friday I am all kinds of giddy all day because I know the weekend has finally arrived.  But today is different.  Today I am all kinds of nervous because my sweet little baby Chloe is getting fixed.

Chloe Elizabeth

I say “fixed” because I don’t like the words “spayed” or “neutered”.  On top of that, upon googling the word “spay” (clearly I’m a worried mother), I found that “neuter” is not a term solely reserved for male reproductive organ removal.  “Neuter” is applicable to both male AND female reproductive organ removal.  I went a little quote-happy.  Sorry.  I’m babbling now.  Anxiety causes me to ramble on.  So does sugar, caffeine, and beer.  I’m a simple woman.

Mommy loving on baby.

 Chloe is my difficult child.  She is the pup that pees, dances in her pee, then rolls in her bed, and still wants to lick you all over when you find her with pee covering her white fur.  She also chews baseboards.  Sometimes she destroys potty pads.

exhibit A, Chloe v Bella

 At the end of the day however, I am still crazy nuts in love with her.  I have been in love with her since day 1.

Day 1 with baby Chloe.

All prayer and good vibes are appreciated.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of her once we get her home and into her elizabethan (cone-shaped) collar.  Should be good for a laugh.

P.S. I also have yummy asparagus and mushroom recipe to share with you later today.

Peace, love, and panicked mothers~

The Hungry Wife