I can feel it in the air

There’s so much I need to tell you.  Let’s keep this simple:

1.  I know this post comes late.  My life is a revolving door of deadlines, dogs, and drama, minus the drama.  Unless you count puppy puke as drama.

2. My best friend is coming into town.  Did I just segway from puppy puke to bff?  I’m sorry K, Uncle Kaitlin, aka Floorlander, more commonly known as my bff 4 eva.  We’ve got some brilliant plans ahead of us.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.  Trouble? I think so.  Feel free to suggest recipes/activities to keep us busy over her visit in the comment section.  Thanks! You’re a real doll.

3. Chloegirl is rotten.  I mean, duh.  She pooped on stuffed husband’s side of the bed this week.  Seriously?? I thought we were beyond this.  At least he wasn’t in the bed at the time.

4.  I am so grateful to all of you who take the time to read my sometimes interesting, often self-indulgent posts.  You complete me.  Extra thanks to those who continually motivate me to try new things and new recipes.  My stomach and my husband’s stomach thank you sincerely from the bottom of our…stomachs??

Best day of my life...so far.

5.  You know me by now.  I am the poster-child for procrastination.  If it can be put off…it will be.  In any case, I promised to announce a winner of the scentsy (aka best smelling stuff on earth) contest by this Friday.  After much deliberation and conversations with myself via inner monologue I chose…insert drumroll here…

LONNA CROW:   “Well I am a sucker for cinnamon…but hubby likes vanilla so that usually wins at our house…so far my very favorite is Yankee Candles Home Sweet Home…delish!  makes me feel all warm and cozy just thinking about it…and a little weepy…its been a long time since I have bought a $30 anything with 2 babies under 2 (except boxes of diapers) 🙂 much less a candle…oh well”

Lonna, email your address to melodyb08@gmail.com and I’ll get it out to you as soon as I can!!  CONGRATS and ENJOY!!!  I sure love mine!

I know you take the time to stop and read my posts.  Thanks for that.  It cuts back on the amount of time I spend talking solely to myself or running Stuffed Husband’s ears.  He’s a Saint but even Saints need a break every beer or so.  Yes, you read beer.   I measure my breaks in beer on Friday nights.  It’s been that kind of week.

Peace, love, and past-my-bedtimes-posts~

The Hungry Wife


Something smells delicious…

I’m obsessed with scented candles.  I am also obsessed with noodles, hello kitty, and Murder, She Wrote but those are for another day.  My favorites candles are those that fill my home with scents of fingerlikin’ good food or a relaxing hotel spa.  I’m a sucker for scents like cinnamon apple pie, fresh linen, cotton, chamomile, mojito, etc.  If they had one that smelled like brand new baby, I’d probably be all about that too.  Sniff a baby’s head, you will now what I mean instantly. 

Lucky for me I have a super, awesome, fantastic, and sweet cousin (Yes, I am sucking up but maybe that’ll get me some of her homemade rice krispy treats.  So delicious, I die.) who sent me a Scentsy warmer with a fragrance of my choice.  Let me just tell you right now…MIND BLOWING AMAZINGESS!

One day last week I came home to find this beaut

Packages make me happy…bills make me cry.  I’m a simple woman.  This box was huge which made me worry about the size of the product.

I was so pleased to find this little gem waiting for me inside.  This particular warmer is called “Chateau”.  It is decorated with the fleur-de-lis image, it is dear to my heart being a proud New Orleanian.  Here in NOLA we live and die by the fleur.  It graces our Saints’ helmets, decorates numerous local buildings, and has been bedazzled onto more flip-flops than even makes sense.

This classy piece of decor acts as a warmer (via a tiny little lightbulb), duh, for scented bricks of wax which fill one’s home with pleasant aromas when melted.  Note: These are very effective for riding your home of the stench dripping from your husband’s stinky work uniforms or that popcorn you burnt because you tried the popcorn setting on your microwave, rookie mistake.

This is much safer than lighting candles if you have dogs running around or a very clumsy tendency about yourself.  Scentsy offers a ZILLION fragrances to choose from.  I chose…

Cucumber Lime Scentsy Bar

Cucumber lime.  This was a brilliantly clean and yummy fragrance.  It filled our home quickly and wasn’t over-powering.  Simply break off a few squares and drop it in the lid of the warmer like so…

Watch em melt…breath in the beautiful fragrance.

The bulb inside the warmer offers a nice light glow when the other lights are out.

I could not be more pleased with this awesome little guy.  He might just be my new best friend.

There are a zillion styles and scents to explore…

The best part of all this is that I have and extra Scentsy warmer and brick of scented wax to give away!!!  To enter, tell me what your favorite candle fragrance is in the comment section of this post!  Winner will be announced next Friday.

To find out more about scentsy and to order your own, click here!

Thanks for reading all about my obsession with scented candles.  You’re a real doll.  I can’t wait to tell you all about my first experience teaching a cooking class this week.  Luckily everyone came out unscathed and with a tummy-full of tortillas.  Win-win if you ask me.  Until next time…

Peace, love, and pleasant odors~

The Hungry Wife